The Neapolitan Novels- Elena Ferrante mobi+epub+azw3

《The Neapolitan Novels- Elena Ferrante   mobi+epub+azw3》



HBO series premiere October 2018
Elena Ferrante’s masterpiece, the Neapolitan Novels, available as a beautiful boxed set.
“Nothing quite like this has ever been published before,” proclaimed The Guardian about the Neapolitan Novels in 2014. Against the backdrop of a Naples that is as seductive as it is perilous and a world undergoing epochal change, Elena Ferrante tells the story of a sixty-year friendship between the brilliant and bookish Elena and the fiery, rebellious Lila with unmatched honesty and brilliance.
The four books in this novel cycle constitute a long, remarkable story, one that Vogue described as “gutsy and compulsively readable,” which readers will return to again and again, and each return will bring with it new revelations.


《The Neapolitan Novels- Elena Ferrante   mobi+epub+azw3》



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